“I guess the best way to show how pleased we were with your company and the work Mike had done, is to talk about our upcoming project, where I was again looking for Surface solutions, Mike and his company to take care of us. We had our hallway floor resurfaced 8 years ago, and now we will extend the the floor into our kitchen and dining room. I love the floor’s low maintenance and character. This time we will have a concrete counter top mimicking the floor on the island as well.  We were very pleased with the professionalism and the quality of the work 8 years ago, so staying loyal to the company.:)”

“As you are well aware that when you start a project, especially one on the scale that we did it is is nice to know that you have good people. People that care about your project and are willing to go the extra mile and not say “I can’t do that, that won’t work”. Well I can whole heartily say that Mike did our job like it was his own. His attention to detail, his suggestions and creativity were all very comforting when we were juggling, at one time, so many aspects of the project. What we ended up with was a finished project that encompassed counter tops, flooring, bathroom vanity tops and tiles for our gas fireplace. We are truly proud of the work Mike did and we enjoy telling anyone who asks the story behind each component.

If you are looking for quality craftsmanship with attention to detail and creativity, look no further than Surface Solutions!”