Concrete has long been used to provide a solid and durable floor in almost any setting. Unfortunately, regular concrete even only five years old can crack, tarnish and lose its appeal. Often this can be a result of the original product not being applied correctly. Whether you hate the look of your old, dull concrete, or it is losing its function as a smooth level surface, we can help you fall back in love with your concrete without having to dig it out and completely replace it.

Cement overlays work essentially as a thin coating of cement that is specially applied to your existing concrete. We have different applications fit to suit any of your cement overlay needs, guaranteed to give you the function and modernization you require.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

-This option is ideal for leveling a floor in preparation for other coatings such as carpet, wood or tile.

Self-Leveling Cement Topping

-This option is ideal for someone who wants a finished concrete surface. This can be colored, polished, stained or even left on its’ own in grey or white. Want a heated concrete floor? Modern, shiny, colorful – your limit is only your own imagination. See our Polished Concrete page to read more about what your options could be!

Stamped Cement Overlay

-Any color, texture, stain or pattern combination you can think of. Great both indoors and outdoors: kitchens, pools, patios, you name it!